Developer of games based on the original and top-grossing franchises: Star Trek Fleet Command, MARVEL Strike Force, Scrabble GO and others

Mark Price
$63 +3% a year
Annual Price chg.
Funds Raised
Last Round
$340M 2020
Round Date
2020, E

About the Company

Scopely is an interactive entertainment and mobile games company. It partners and collaborates with game developers and global entertainment companies to bring distribution and monetization technology to free-to-play games. Central to Scopely’s success is the publishing platform behind the company’s games that helps developers more quickly create mobile games, keep them fresh with new content and generate revenue from them.

The company relies on both external studios and in-house development teams to create the games and licensing well-known intellectual properties for its games from entertainment companies such as WarnerMedia and CBS.


Scopely oversees marketing, analytics, ads, business development, live ops, quality assurance, community management, and more, empowering developers to focus on building and refining gameplay experiences to earn the loyalty and love of players around the world.

Business Growth Phase

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Market Opportunities

Scopely was named to Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies” and ranked #2 on Deloitte’s “Technology Fast 500” as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America.


Scopely has achieved more than $1B in lifetime revenue by creating long-lasting game experiences. Scopely’s players are spending 80 minutes per day on games like “Star Trek Fleet Command,” “MARVEL Strike Force,” “Scrabble GO” and “YAHTZEE with Buddies.”

Mobile gaming is the fastest growing component within the video game industry. According to Newzoo, approximately 2.5 billion users spent time and money on mobile games in 2019 and mobile gaming revenue is expected to grow to approximately $114.4B in 2023, representing a compound annual growth rate of 9.8% from $86.3B in 2020.


Financials and Valuation

As of December 2021, Scopely has raised a total of $1B in funding over 7 rounds. The company was valued at $3.3B after a Series E round in October 2020. Scopely is funded by 68 investors, including NewView Capital, Battery Ventures, Greycroft, Revolution Growth, Highland Capital Partners and others.

Scopely generates revenue for its free games through advertising and in-app purchases of virtual goods. The company has seen increased user growth and engagement because of COVID-19. Financial results of the company are not disclosed, but in October 2020 Javier Ferreira, Scopely’s co-CEO, said the company expects to close out 2020 with over $900M in revenue, up nearly 100% year over year.


Scopely relies on third-party platforms, such as the iOS App Store, Facebook, and Google Play Store, to distribute its games and collect revenues, and such platforms may adversely change their policies.

A limited number of games have generated a majority of the company's revenues, and Scopely may be unable to offset any declines in revenues from its top games.

Scopely does not disclose its financial performance. It is not known if the company is currently profitable or if it is trending toward profitability.

Low liquidity: investing in private companies at the pre-IPO stage is an opportunity to make money over a few years. If you exit early, the price may be significantly different from the purchase price or the selling process may take more than 1 month.