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Pre-IPO Futures

Investments in private tech companies

There are more than a thousand innovative private companies in the world valued at more than a billion dollars. They are in no rush to enter the stock exchange and keep on increasing their value, still remaining private. We suggest making profit on their growth!

Private equity futures (or pre-IPO futures) are a good addition to stock market investments and more volatile instruments such as cryptocurrencies. Here are some reasons to purchase pre-IPO futures.

Investing in the inaccessible. Our tool actually allows investing in the shares of companies that are not available to the general public on the stock exchange.

Low commissions. Usually, investments in private companies are made through specialized funds and companies. They often take management fees, and also withhold part of the profit when closing the investment (success fee). On UTEX, you only pay for transactions.

The best offers. We carefully select the companies on the basis of which we launch futures. Our list includes only the most attractive securities from the pre-IPO market.

Exit at any time. Pre-IPO futures can be freely traded. You don't need to wait for expiration – you can lock in profits at any time convenient for you. For example, when futures price increases due to an increase in the value of the underlying asset. Or, on the contrary, purchasing “at the market bottom”.



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