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Margin trading with cryptocurrency on UTEX

  • x30 Capital Leverage
  • Short selling
  • 14 most valuable cryptocurrencies
  • Customization settings to fit your experience and trading strategy
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Version 10.1 for Windows


Leverage30xTrade with 30 times more money than you have in your account
UTEX’s fee0.2%Charged by the exchange on the amount of every transaction
Overnight fee0.11%Charged daily at 03:00 UTC+3 on the amount of opened positions
If you are a professional trader and would like to have a personalized experience, you are welcome contact us

Fits any screen

Aurora is a perfect fit for any screen size: from a laptop to a multiscreen trader workstation. There are pre-made layouts for popular sizes. You can also customize the window layout to suit your needs.

Built-in risk management

The professional risk manager and Autoclose system will reduce your risks and make trading more efficient. The service is available to all users.

The chart shows profits and losses by day. Risk control reduces losses, and as a result, the total profitability grows.

with risk management
without risk management

Advanced chart windows

  • Open as many charts as you want
  • Make deals directly from them
  • Select a timeframe and chart type
  • Add indicators
  • Draw lines. Try it out
advanced charts options

Level 2 and Time & Sales

Flexible settings for Level 2: market depth can be displayed horizontally, vertically, with or without colors. Suitable for traders with experience in stock markets, futures and crypto exchanges.

Position and order window

All your positions and orders are always in plain view – you won't forget anything. And the buttons for quick closing of orders will help you react instantly.


Detailed settings of market events alerts

Dark and light theme

dark theme preview
light theme preview

Watchlist with detailed settings

Add tickers to your watchlist to track any changes. Enable the desired columns by more than 20 parameters. When you click on a ticker, all the other windows will switch to it.


Use the keyboard to perform the most frequent actions. Aurora lets you customize every detail to fit your needs and trade with consummate skill.

Where to start

  • Download and install Aurora
  • To start trading,
  • This will leave you with Buying Power – the purchasing power (balance × leverage) – the amount you will use to make deals
  • Clearing occurs at 3 a.m. (MSK) of the next day: your Buying Power and profit are recalculated, and is generated for you to analyze.
Download Aurora free

Version 10.1 for Windows

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