Cryptocurrencies and U.S. stocks with leverage and shorts
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Crypto to USDT30× leverage
Stocks to USDT30× leverage
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Trade US Stocks with 30× leverage

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Deposits with a bank card

Unique instru­ments – pre‑IPO futures

Trade in the best private stocks that don't yet trade on the public market

How it works

Trading on UTEX is safe

Account protection

Two-factor authentication for login and money withdrawal with flexible settings: through email and Google Authenticator.

Purity check

All cryptocurrency available on UTEX is subject to purity check for compliance. Any suspicious transactions get rejected.

Wallet protection

All money is saved in cold wallets, yet you can withdraw your money instantly.


We comply with European laws. AML and KYC procedures are simple, yet effective.

Price protection

With other trading exchanges, a transaction may go through at a price different from the one you see – the so-called “breakout”. The simple interface in UTEX rules out such occurrences.

Password safety

We don’t save passwords, but when you login and register we automatically check if your password is in a database of scammers. In the event this happens, you will be instantly notified about it.

Only reliable crypto­currencies

UTEX offers the most traded cryptocurrencies for trading. The list is growing.


Low trading fees

from 0.2%
Per trade when you pay in USD
from 0.1%
Per trade when you pay with UT Tokens
Fees in UTEX—Margin depend on the ticker. Check it in the trading terminal

Affiliates Program

Attract new customers and get a share of profit on their transactions

We’ll equip you with all the material you need

Personal account with all handy statistics

Make a profit of 30% off the customers you encouraged to join

Postbacks for transparent statistics tracking.

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